Fame and Tranquility Can Never Be Bedfellows

As I meticulously comb through Christmas presents I tend to sort them into logical piles, such is my nature to bring order to chaos.  The piles range in neatness with the necessities like socks carefully packed away to the returns shamelessly stuffed in an old grocery bag.  But there is always the presents that don’t fit either.  You know the ones, thoughtful gifts if a little off base, or maybe just plain weird presents that are too unique to part with.  This is the fashion in which I received The Philosophy Book; it is best described as timeline of the study.  On of my favorite quotes I have read yet is “Fame and tranquility can never be bedfellows.”

Pictured here: Brittney Spears.

You see, man has been pondered thoughts about socialization since 4th century BC when Aristotle hastily claimed that a person must be social before any other philosophers could weigh in.  He said that only the godly and the beastly flourish alone.  So  introvert readers, which one are you?
Hundreds of years later a French philosopher by the name of Michel De Montaigne came along during the French Wars of Religion 1562–98 during which the Catholics and Protestants were at it yet again.

You see Michel was reflecting on his country’s harsh behavior,  he got to observe a great deal of political unrest in his time and followers of religions who were adopting a ‘mob mentality’ in his opinion. Notice that the result wasn’t just one war but a whole generation of sporadic outbursts that even had the power to draw England and Spain into the fight.  So Michel thought that tranquility depends upon the detachment from others opinions and seeking fame is gaining glory in the eyes of others, thereby seeking their opinions.  This theory would mean that if we seek fame we cannot reach detachment/tranquility, so fame and tranquility can never be bedfellows (such a fun word and never the place to use it).  This type of logical thinking is great to keep us on our minds sharp as brain-diamonds. Something like this will stick with me all day, and I find myself thinking about it waiting for the bus,  cooking dinner, at the gym etc.  Things like: “I agree monsieur, but surely that isn’t all it takes to be tranquil” or  “Do you  mean to apply this as a lifestyle, or simply mapping out social interactions on a whole?” and  “If we replace ‘fame’ for ‘anger’ and flip the sentence structure it sounds like something Yoda would say.”


Turns out Michel isn’t the only one to think about this  either.  Nietzsche has touched the topic and Richard Cecil says “Solitude shows us what we should be; society shows up what we are”
Cecil does seem to have a point, every time I go to Walmart I’m reminded how creepy, gross, and unhealthy we really are and there aren’t too many eligible bedfellows at Walmart either.  Don’t get mad I’m just telling it like I see it. I hope It’s not too soon in this blog’s life to tell jokes at others expenses. OH, you know what? I’m actually not
going to care what others think and just relax. Yep, it’s my blog and I kinda like doing things the way I’m doing them.

I like to eat dessert before dinner.

I like  anything Jim Henson.

and sometimes I like to find new and exciting ways to attach bread to cats.

If only I can haz such a mathematical cat

But I digress…

Philosophy is the love of wisdom, and studying it really does make us wiser, or more logical at the least.  So if you find yourself really liking logical thinking then consider doing something involving math, like computer science, because that is logical as Spock. If that’s not your thing maybe you can learn a language, also a logic task. So it would seem this entry is a bit of a tease. If you saw the title and thought I might unlock the ethics of fame and tranquility like dear Monsieur Michel De Montaigne, I’m afraid I will never be able explain the reasoning as well as he did. But you’re in luck, his work is carefully preserved forever on pen and paper and you can look up his essay “On Solitude”. Or if you want to troll me in a philosophical argument stick around, I will be writing a whole lot more of these under the “Musings” category and maybe “Observations” too, but definitely not the “Fiction” one. That category is reserved  for philosophical debates about Star Wars…

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