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Ryu grows up

If the previous motivational video didn’t do the trick maybe this one will scare you strait.  Don’t be like Ryu.  Be like Egoraptor the animator.  I’ve watched this guy rise up with a couple other flash animators over the years, they still have fun at their job.

The Military: A Career or an Escape?

Joining the military could be one of the biggest decisions of a person’s life, and just like every election year I am torn between two options shitty options.  Politics make me turn green and start smashing things, seriously, I can’t even type when I’m like that its all just “asdhkjsd” until i get some ice cream to take my mind off things.

So as my first easy decision of the day we will talk about the military instead.  I’ve been thinking about the military for a long time and my opinion reflects on all the knowledge and people that I have met along the way.  I’ve talked to Army Rangers, Navy SEALs, civilians, ROTC candidates, pilots, and family about it and there is a lot of both good and bad to be said about signing the dotted line and joining up.  You have to think about what is important to you before you even consider it.  If a life as a piece in a large machine doesn’t appeal to you don’t even think about it because you will not enjoy yourself.  I’m talking about the life away from family, the long hours and the structured lifestyle of belonging to a militaristic organisation.  For me this is no obstacle, as a lot of jobs that appeal to me force you to sacrifice for your commitment to the job, for example; police work, being a fisherman, even life at an advertising agency will put a strain on your life at home.

But lets take a step back, joining up is unique to any other career for one reason.  It’s not that it is dangerous, there are thousands of ways to die and I’m not sure on the statistics but I’m more afraid of cancer than anything right now.  Cancer is a cold blooded killer, cancer and those plastic things they hold 6 packs of pop together with, i get caught on those things all the damn time.

I’m talking about the commitment you make when deciding on joining the military.  Once in there is no backing out until your contract expires.  This poses a real factor to consider and you shouldn’t need me to think about the impact on your life it could mean.  I talking about unconditional commitment to your government for upwards of 6 years.  So that vacation to Europe will have to wait.  Because of this I suggest finding something you want out of your time in the forces.  Something worth while and something you can use once you are out.  Too many veterans complain of their struggle to acclimate back into civilian life after their contract.  If you find a job within the force that interests you and is marketable in a civilian environment you are set.  For me it is medical training for others it might be pilot experience others still strive for the leadership that comes with an officer position.  Once you have your goal don’t let anything others say change your motivation for this because the recruiter is not your friend.

I mean it, If you ever find yourself in a recruiters office you will find a lot of friendly people who might buy you lunch and ask about your life but when it comes down to it, they have a job to do.  Their commanding officer has told them what jobs are in demand and what jobs are not, more than likely if you want a cool job there is a lot of competition for that job.  Lets look at Navy SEALS shall we?  If you have done your homework you know that about 2/3 of recruits drop off in hell week alone.  The ones that actually earn their badge are the top 5% most dedicated and talented soldiers of the recruits who thought they wanted to be a SEAL this kind of drop off is typical for most special forces.  Now put yourself in the shoes of the recruiter, here is another punk civilian who wants to be a SEAL because he’s played too much call of duty and wants to shoot all those ear splitting guns that, much to the annoyance of mom upstairs, he has been fraging noobs with for the past few years from the comfort of his couch.  I would tell him whatever it took to not to waste his time and the governments money trying to train him to be something he is not.

So, you have weighed your options and found something you want to get out of the military, something you won’t let go no matter what the recruiter tells you right? Good.  Now I suggest you do more research.  You need time to make sure this is right for you.  If you want to be a SEAL read a book on it, I suggests “Down Range” By Dick Couch.  Or if you haven’t been able to make time for the gym much before, look up a PST style training program. Most of these workouts don’t require much equipment and no matter what you do you will be required to be in decent shape.  If you have your eyes set on being an officer take a ASVAB test and see where you need to focus your studies.  If you are still dedicated and self motivated enough to stick to your goals then perhaps the military is for you.  Dedication is the word of the day and despite all the bad things said about the military, a dedicated soul will make his loved ones proud when he comes out of the force decorated with all of his achievements.   The slogan starts to make sense now “Be All You Can Be”  its a promise first but more importantly a reminder.