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Continuing Education

Ever come across something so totally inspiring you lose your frame of reference?  Say for example this one time I found myself in a cave of wonders and was so impressed with the riches inside that I nearly forgot to touch them would mean certain death…or was that Aladdin?

Okay so another time I came across this student reel for 3D animation and I had one of those moments.  I forgot what time it was, forgot about my phone for a an hour or so, even forgot about the water I had boiling for dinner and by the time I came back to the kitchen it had nearly boiled off and I gave up on dinner to research this new interest of mine.

The video itself was fun sure but what captured me was the credits.  Seeing how all that work was constructed and then seeing that a group of students did that in a year I was very impressed.  Now lets get something straight, I just paid handsomely to finish a 4 year degree and It’s not like I’m looking for some new school offer my money to.   In fact, anyone who knows me will tell you that I’ve never even thought about going back to school after getting my degree, but now I’m curious.  One thing led to another and I found myself on the 3D animation degree application page at at this so called Design Media School of New Zealand.

The requirements are as follows: a mere $30,000 for tuition, a flight to New Zealand,  and a portfolio and I’m on my way. Yadda yadda yadda, trivial costs…oh damn…I need to be able to draw.  This is when my frame of reference came back with one of those ugly sticks to beat some sense into me about the head and neck area.  It was at that point that I limped away from the computer and tried again to make some dinner but to little success.

The next day I found myself researching other schools, buying a sketch pad and looking up drawing tips on sites like this one

Turns out, even if you don’t go to the other side of the globe these graphic arts schools are big money, and the short programs assume you have had previous experience.  So after thinking things through I find that I am no more ready for art school than America is for four dollar gas prices.

You will notice that no where in my train of thought did I mention the possibility of getting a job with this education.  As a matter of fact, I for one do not think that should be among the first thing to be considered, rather one should do what makes the most happiness.

Yet,  I still learned something valuable in this ordeal.  I learned that I’m not ready to stop learning.  College isn’t for most folks, we have the whole rest of our lives left and the only garentee is that we will forget more of the things we already know.

So begins my journey. Art school may not be for me, but somewhere there is a place for me and I am determined to find it. So with that I dedicate this blog to finding the job, education, or whatever it is that makes me stronger, in hopes that what I find is also useful to you, the reader.

-Mark Ehler