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Japanese Death Poems

Poetry is a fascinating thing.  Like most things we do not understand we are quick to dismiss it after our first encounter should it be a bad one we also tend to shun what we do not understand.  Poetry is much like the literary victim of prejudice in this regard.  I will admit, for the longest time I did not care for poetry there is too much that is far to abstract for my sheep like brain.  Dada poetry, to me, sounds like the language my Sims would wail hopelessly out of their cruelly shaped mouth before I would use the last of their hard earned simoleons to slot into place the last wall of their starkly lit tomb where I would then toy with their electronic lives like ants with a magnifying glass.

Every time I am made to sit through a Dada poem a Sim dies.

Haiku’s on the other hand are brief, artful and  poetic in the purest sense, at least to me.  A simple metaphor is all you need to make a scene come to life.

Sunset Seduces; each step brings me no closer the horizon flees.
-Unknown (to me)

In the death poem in particular, the essential idea was that at one’s final moment of life, one’s reflection on death could be especially lucid and meaningful and therefore also constituted an important observation about life. A very fitting setting for a Haiku in my opinion. The poems are often full of symbols of death, such as the full moon, the western sky, and images of the season in which the writer died.  With that in mind try out these few poems and feel free to add your thoughts to the comment section below.

Pampas grass, now dry,
once bent this way
and that.

– Shoro

The snow of yesterday             
that fell like cherry pedals        
is water once again.


Earth and metal…            
although my breathing ceases              
time and tide go on.


Now you have been exposed to two very different kinds of poetry and I hope that at the very least it has helped you to keep your mind open about new and old forms of art alike.  Or take this lesson and apply it to all things, people are works of art too and just because you met one (insert race/religion/lifestyle) doesn’t mean the rest are the same as the first.  Keep your mind open and keep calm, everything will be alright!