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Advice From the Competition

If you have been following the blog you will know that I am a very whimsically unemployed college graduate.  I think I represent a unique generation in America because it seems like the first time in our history where a college degree doesn’t = cash money.  It sucks, to be sure but if I know one thing it is how to lose well.  Losing is something everyone does, we lose at loose slots, we lose when we pay social security, we even lose an hour every year at daylight savings.  People tell me I get it back in six months but I don’t see any interest, I don’t see compensation for the week I pay dearly in the AM.

This model alarm clock is wifi connected to an atomic clock and has no snooze button.

The point is the numbers are against job hunters right now.  Its like that part in the The Hunger Games where the grandma with the midlife crisis is drawing names for the special kid sleepover, but instead of a grandma with a laughable wig its a business professional with a suit worth more than yours, and instead of a sleepover with swords and ninja gear its the job that will dictate how you can afford to live your life for the next few years.  No sweat.  Just take a couple shots before the interview and pop in some gum before you go in to show that you are totally cool and everything should be fine.  Oh wait, that’s for dates…

Truth is I couldn’t tell you how best to prepare for an interview or how best to set up your resume.  You have to do that yourself, and if you haven’t heard already there is no shortage of people who think they know best on this topic.  Seriously relatives, friends, people I just met, back up for a second.  When I tell you I’m looking for a job it means I’m asking you for contacts not that I wan’t your advice, its all just white noise at this point.

Rather, you should learn how to bounce back from the mistakes you made, don’t take your loss too seriously but do learn your mistakes.  In the end the ones who want the jobs more than the rest will get them.  Its a simple truth.   Indomitable, that’s what you must be.  As unyielding as a mountain, because the backbone of everything you are is reliant on your willpower to do so.