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Don’t B Negative

Just got back from donating blood today.  Here is where I would normally post pictures of my shenanigans but alas, I am still in the process of obtaining a quality camera. But I digress, giving blood is easy and something everyone should do for karma’s sake.  For example, I learned that I am B-.  Less than 2% of the world is B-.  So if something happens and I need blood, I am pretty screwed if it weren’t for blood banks like Bonfils.  Also, there is a way to peacefully coexist with vampire we just need to stop fighting and start donating, we could work out a deal like if vampires turn into bats and use their sonar to find termites and other pests we can feed them blood.   We could even drive stakes into them humanly when the lust for immortality gives way to depression.

On the eastern front of Colorado we have Bonfils

But these blood banks exist all over and, ladies, its a perfect place to meet guys.  I’m serious, if hes donating blood he is A into women and B charitable that’s two pros before you’ve even met him.  If you don’t meet Mr. right the first time don’t lose heart, in 8 weeks you can come back and do it again!